Anthony Carollo, CEO | February 01, 2019

Anticipate the bumps.

There is a story in the BBC today about a daughter whose mother has dementia and is struggling. This daughter was trying to figure out a way to help Mom during the periods of time in her room when the daughter wasn’t there. She came up with a white board to keep in Mom’s room that reads:

You’re okay
Everyone’s fine
You are not moving
No one else is moving
Keep drinking, it will help your memory

This mother had been distraught over some perhaps minor misunderstandings, but which became such major worries for her that it was causing her incredible pain and distress. When small molehills become mountains, emotions run high and people get really upset.

I love that this daughter was thoughtful and intentional about how to help alleviate her mom’s distress. This whiteboard may seem like a small and pretty insignificant thing that she did for Mom, but in her mother’s world it means everything.

We make every intention about how we speak to clients, what we say, and how we respond to the stress in their lives. In that real estate closing moment, we are in a position to be their anchor in the storm – their rock. When their voice goes an octave higher, ours can go an octave lower. When the client gets louder as stress increases, our voices can go quieter, as we seek to show them calm. Remember, there really are not very many issues that cause a deal to fall completely apart at the last minute. Almost everything can be worked through to the satisfaction of all involved.

Every single deal will have its bumps and hurdles (little or big). How we anticipate those obstacles, and how we respond when they occur, can make all the difference in how the client feels about Vista Title & Escrow and their closing transaction.

Anticipate the bumps.
Be intentional about how we all get over them.

Here is a link to the BBC story:

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