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Anticipate the Bumps

There is a story in the BBC today about a daughter whose mother has dementia and is struggling. This daughter was trying to figure out a way to help Mom during the periods of time in her room when the daughter wasn’t there. She came up with a white board to keep in Mom’s room […]

3 Keys to More Affordable Housing in Spokane

(Disclaimer: Elected leadership, builders, and owners – be inspired! This blog is in no way intended to criticize. I’m simply speaking to those who are already thinking in this direction to go ahead and take action. We each have daily opportunities to make our community better. Some of you out there can make great impact […]

Every Deed has a Story

In 2000, our family moved down to Corvallis, OR when I accepted a position as county manager for a title agency there. We loved the mild climate, the people in the area are so warm and friendly, and we were so thrilled with the natural beauty of the area – and we were an hour […]

Did We Make the Grade?

2017 has been full of challenges for me – by far the most difficult of which has been opening a brand-new title and escrow company by purchasing an older/established/struggling company; and fashioning it into a completely new organization and corporate culture. Hindsight is so much clearer isn’t it? In looking back over the last few […]

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