Every Deed has a Story

In 2000, our family moved down to Corvallis, OR when I accepted a position as county manager for a title agency there. We loved the mild climate, the people in the area are so warm and friendly, and we were so thrilled with the natural beauty of the area – and we were an hour from the beach! After a month of searching, we found and purchased a home in Corvallis that suited our family well. It was set into a low-grade hillside overlooking the Willamette Valley to the east so that our basement was actually a daylight basement and the deck off of our main floor was one story off the ground.

Within a couple short years, we made the decision to buy an above-ground pool for our family to play in. Considering myself Mr. Handyman,
I felt very confident in my ability to install it. As I was looking out over our backyard from the deck, I was talking with my wife about where we would put this pool in our backyard – between the fruit trees and the garden looked just about perfect. (The picture you see is the actual home and you can see the backyard between the trees and garden.)

It was at that point that my title officer voice jumped into the conversation with my wife: “Holy smokes, we can’t put the pool there!”

We actually had a 20’ sewer easement that runs right through the entire backyard. If the city ever needed to repair that line, they’d have to tear out our pool, and they wouldn’t have to pay us for it because I will have put the pool over their easement. I’d completely forgotten about it until that moment.

As you might guess, we did not install the $4,000 pool in that yard because I completely forgot to consider what was on my title insurance policy before I bought the pool. It wouldn’t fit anywhere in that yard as the easement space was the only level spot.

Every deed has a story.

As a result of the closings we conduct every day – families are started, simple backyard weddings are conducted, swing sets are installed, the baby’s room is decorated, retirements are celebrated, hotrods are rebuilt, dinner table meals are lovingly served, holidays are remembered, school lessons are taught as homework is done, and memories are created and cherished. Love happens in a home. It’s a noble responsibility we have – to put people into homes with a sense of security of their ownership and the relief that they own the home free and clear of any unknown title issues. 

We take this noble responsibility seriously, so we hire and train people that truly care about you, your family, and our community. Our staff strives for an unparalleled customer experience. Really.

It’s not only our goal to successfully close the deal, in fact we are looking for you to have such an amazing experience that you’ll come back to us when you refinance. Or perhaps you might refer your brother-in-law when he’s selling and buying a bigger home because they have a growing family. Maybe you need to relocate for work and need to see – we want you to return to us as a client. Our goal is that you’ll tell your real estate agent that you want to go back to Vista Title because you had such a wonderful experience your first go-round that you won’t want to risk trying anywhere new.

This also raises another good point – most people would never consider looking at their title report before making a change to their backyard.  You assume it’s your house – you can do what you want.  Our staff at Vista Title are available for questions regarding properties long after the deal closes. Please call us if you have questions anytime at 509-328-7171.

We are committed that you have an unparalleled customer experience. Really.

Anthony V. Carollo, CEO

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