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Title Insurance

A title to real property is the record of ownership. In a real estate transaction, a title company completes an extensive search to show items that have occurred within the chain of title that would have an adverse effect on ownership or marketability of the property itself. Title Insurance protects owners and lenders against a loss they might experience due to defects in title that have occurred prior to their ownership or interest. This could include liens or encumbrances, prior fraud or forgery, and errors in public records, and a variety of other adverse issues.

Two types of Title Insurance Policies are generally issued during a purchase transaction:


Escrow services are needed in the purchase and sale of real estate to make sure the buyer/lender funds are properly disbursed and that title to the real estate is properly transferred. The buyer, seller, and the lender give the escrow holder written instructions to follow in order to draw the documents and transfer the funds. The Escrow Officer will also clear the title of any monetary liens that the buyer didn’t agree to assume.

Contract Servicing

Vista Contract Servicing is an independent neutral third-party agent that facilitates payment processing according to the terms of a contract between the parties in a private transaction.

Our team will ensure accurate and timely processing of all payments per the terms of the documents. We will maintain thorough accounting records to  assist all parties with their IRS obligations. We ensure regular communication regarding receipts, payoff quotes, payments from Impounds/Reserves, and modifications to keep all parties up to date on account statuses throughout the life of the loan.

1031 Exchange

1031 exchange is one of the most popular tax strategies available when buying and selling real estate. It encourages reinvestment in business assets.

Section 1031 of the tax code “allows owners of qualified real estate to sell the property without paying taxes on the gain from the sale, as long as the sale proceeds or exchange value is used to acquire like-kind replacement property for investment or business uses.

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